About Us

Our Mission

We inform people about bees, honey and their importance to our personal health and the health of our planet through a strong brand message. We encourage and promote customers to purchase pure honey as an organization stand against adulterated honey. As a business we will operate responsibility and generate a profit to ensure the sustained viability of the brand, product availability for our customers and a healthy and rewarding culture of our team.

Our Vision

To be the preferred supplier of high quality MADHUVANA COORG HONEY, support the environment by raising healthy honey bees and supply value added products. Likewise, we will provide meaningful, rewarding employment and make social conscious contributions. We recognize all of our clients, be the home consumers, restaurants and chefs, food brokers providing distinctive gifts and those seeking healthy or natural products are important partners in our success.
We will meet our customers’ unique expectations and create superior value for all of them. We remain committed to supply our natural ingredient and pure MADHUVANA COORG HONEY and will be resourceful by nature, minimizing our carbon footprint and enhancing ecology our beehives.


Malnad Traders commenced in the year 1993 by Mr K G Erappa, Madhuvana Coorg Honey & Shruti Coorg Honey are the flag ship product of Malnad Traders, Some of the finest and purest, natural honey in the Market till date.
At Malnaad What started as a hobby of Bee keeping and sharing nature’s sweetness amongst family and friends turned out to be a responsibility of bigger cause, Caring for Nature, Honey Bees, People’s access to Pure and unadulterated honey, delivering our trusted customers with finest quality Nectar and continuing to deliver relentlessly over the years.
As the world’s population of bees rapidly declines, many honey manufacturers have turned to producing counterfeit blends of honey to profit.
In a research over 70% of the worlds honey produced is adulterated, In recent times Synthetic Honey is being flooded into the markets. We are proud to be one among the Handful of brands that Test and approve every batch prior Packing for purity, staying true to our vision since 1993.


  • 1st Company in India under Agmark to introduce Pet Bottles for Honey in 1995.
  • One of the Few Honey Producers in India to have its own Laboratory
  • Own BeeKeeping and Procurement centre in Coorg
  • Equipped with Hi-Tech Fully automated processing and packing Plant
  • Equipped with Production Capacity of 1 Ton per day


Crystallization of Honey is a natural phenomenon, Honey is a semi liquid produce and tends to crystalize due to various reasons eg. Refrigeration, Using wet Spoon, exposure to direct sun etc. It is 100% safe to use and Customers do not need to panic.

Honey certification:

Agmark Special grade Approved by D.M & I. Govt of India (Directorate of Marketing and Inspection Govt of Ind) -1994
(FSSAI)Food Safety and Standards Authority of India-2014
(CFTRI)Central Food Technological Research Institute)-1995
(IEC) Certificate of Importer-Exporter Code
Analytical Testing and Grading Lab approved by Govt of Ind -1996

Honey certification: